• Jonathan

Mysticards: Deck of Ancients

Hi everybody!

We're starting the final push to get Mysticards: Deck of Ancients to Kickstarter and I want to give you an insiders look at the processes that go into getting a game ready for the public! Every other week I'll post an update showing you the progress we're making as we get ready to bring Mysticards to the public! One of the tasks assigned this week is the determine an exact date for the start of the Kickstarter campaign. We're also looking at our pending art needs and re-working the box. Lastly, we're creating our marketing strategy for CamperCon 2018 (which is in 68 days at the time I write this!)

While you wait for CamperCon and the kickstarter campaign make sure you're up to date with our Tabletop-ics Podcast! The gang is starting to get in over their head in the city of Gol Gorad!

Until next time, Game On!!



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