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And so the Adventure Begins...

Hi my name is Andy Benenth and I am one of the four members of Stumptown Games, my roll in this team is the secretary, which is really the blood sweat and tears of the group if you think about it. Since Jonathan introduced himself last week and told you a little bit about what we are doing I thought I would take the time and talk about one of the things that we are really excited about, and that is our podcast!

If your not like me and spend almost your every working hour listening to a podcast then let me fill you in. Podcasts are like a radio show, that are completely free to download on your phone, tablet or computer and they cover a wide range of topics from politics and news, to health, to gaming, which is where Stumptown come in.

The Podcast we are making is the four members of Stumptown Games playing a campaign of Dungeons and Dragons(D&D) which we are calling Tabletop-ics. Jonathan is our Dungeon Master, who is the one coming up with where we will go and who/what we will encounter, while Eve, Tarn and myself are each playing and voicing two characters that live in this world that Jonathan has created. Our Characters are a diverse group that mostly get a long, and work together…. Mostly. We play D&D by rolling dice, and interacting with each other and Non-Player Characters (NPC). Which often put our characters and each of the players in humorous, and horrible situations, through this we hope to tell a great story about people living in the land of Morinfell and get into a great story, all through playing a game and recording a podcast.

On Friday we had our first recording where, some, of our characters met for the first time and they got their first mission, there were some interesting interactions, and some great conversations, specifically one where a player had a conversation between their two characters, a bit of drinking for players and characters, lots of laughter, almost a couple of deaths, but through working together and eventually rolling better we persisted and achieved our goals.

At this time we are aiming to have the first podcast out towards the end of January or beginning of February. We hope that you will listen in and join in the adventures with us each week while we see what Jonathan has in store for us, as well check back here weekly to see updates on what we are doing here with Stumptown games.

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