Mysticards is a card game designed for four players, Ages 12 and up, who are divided into two teams of two. One game consists of several hands, with each hand being made up of 15 tricks. During each trick, every player gets to play one card, with the best card winning the trick. Teams collect points for each trick they win. In addition, each team can earn extra points for meeting certain conditions, such as winning tricks with gemstones, or defeating an enemy dragon.


Centuries ago Zakeer was a bountiful world filled with fertile fauna and flora. Capricious gods looked upon this verdant paradise and decided to issue a challenge. They summoned forth the Ancients Obelisk, a massive plinth carved with runes that would summon six of the Ancients, beasts so terrifying that anyone who controlled them all would rule unchallenged.

Soon warlords arose trying to best each other using the runic tablets known as the Deck of Ancients. The deck is made up of slivers of knowledge. Knowledge of renowned warriors, mystic places, powerful spells, unstable weather, mana infused gemstones, and even the Ancients themselves. Over the ensuing decades and centuries the warlords have battled, sundering the world in the process. None were able to gain an upper hand. Now they have begun to build truces amongst themselves. Soon these teams will vie for the most sought after of goals, control of the Ancients Obelisk.

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