Jonathan has been playing and designing games for more that four decades. From the original
version of Dungeons and Dragons to the most recent board games released, Jonathan enjoys a playing a wide variety and styles of games. He helped design card combinations and strategies for the original Mysticards game: Deck of Dragons with his brother many years ago. As COO at Stumptown Games he combines his love of gaming with his experience being a small business owner having previously owned two restaurants.


Game Development

What is there to say about Andy? One may ask, how do you describe a sunset, you would get
many different descriptors, such is the case with Andy.
So what do you want to know about him anyway. Does it make you feel better to know that he is
often helpful but mostly not? Why do you need to know that he loves to play various board
games with friends, families, and strangers. Is it that important that he is a native Oregonian, or
that he often joins philosophical debates regaling them with his skewed and lumpy perspective.
Does it make you feel better that he knows how to roll dice but regularly fails? Would you sleep
better at night to know that he loves to hike, read books, and garden?
Maybe you want to know what he brings to Stumptown Games? While that is a good question,
and after thinking long and hard we are still trying to figure


Marketing & Media

Eve is both the newest member of the Stumptown team, and is also the most experienced in her craft. Never fearing work and always accepting new challenges and projects. Eve’s headstrong ability not only helps us get excited about new ideas, it also helps us keep everything in perspective and allows us to work in reasonable ways.

Eve’s abstract sense of humor and love of nachos are both powerful motivators.


Her baby daughter “Frog” is the Stumptown mascot.


Game Design

Being the youngest member of the Stumptown gang Tarn brings a fresh perspective to every project. Dispite his age he is one of the more experienced "gamers" on the team. He is a competitive Magic player and chooses to bravely play an extremely challenging deck style called the dredge.

Fun fact: Hailing from a clan of giants one must always remember to beware his vengeance. He once built a magic deck not to win but with the express purpose of driving another player mad.

Tarn's love of history, dark sense of humor, and metalnerd style help to create many of the unique and original features of Stumptown's games.

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